2010 Year of the Dough in review

Happy 2011! In case you didn’t notice, we go by the Chinese Lunar new year here. AKA I was too lazy to post earlier…

Anyway, so another year has come and gone. My resolution for 2010 was to work with dough more. As with all new years resolutions, I started out strong. Then due to moving, new kitchen and generally being busy, things tapered off a bit. I never quite got around to learning how to make hand pulled noodles. I never made my Homer Simpson tribute in doughnuts. Doh! The girls still laugh at my feeble dumpling skills. But hey, they would probably laugh at you too!

So here goes some photos of my dough projects.

Shanghai Dumplings!

Steamed and delicious.

Pita bread being puffed up in the oven. Yeah I made my own pita…

Finished Pita.

Of course pork buns!

One of my favorite food, pizza margarita. I went on a slight pizza kick for a while.

Argula Pizza!

This might not look all that but it’s home smoked short rib pastrami, with my sauerkraut and home made rye bread. What happens when I have too much time…

Dumplings with home made wrapper. Takes more effort but oh boy is it ever worth it…

Sourdough. Still a work in progress but pretty tasty!

Pretzel stuffed with cheddar cheese and country ham.

You might wonder what in gods name is that? Beignets for dessert!

Not a bad 2010, wouldn’t you agree?

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