Duck, Duck, Not Goose…

Alas, the holidays are over and our food binge has at least slowed down. I spent Christmas with Princess (girls, do I really have to call you by these names?) and I guess that would make him Prince. All we did was eat, drink, cook, read food porn and watched a whole lot of TV.

So we decided to do a two meat Christmas dinner with duck and Princess’ specialty, tenderloin. I found a lovely duck with clementine recipe which promised crispy skin and not a lot of fat. The trick is to braise the duck first to render out the fat and then dry the duck in the fridge for a while, much like how my peeps make Peking duck.

The only duck I could find the day before Christmas was at the local Chinese market which was really the WHOLE duck, head and all. No big deal but turn your head away if you are squeamish.


For those of you interested in making the duck, do read the comments in the recipe on Epicurious and start checking the duck after the first hour during the braising process. I braised it for 2 hours and it was definitely too much, the skin had a few holes and the wings were falling apart. The legs were also spread at an rather obscene angle.

The duck went into the fridge to dry out after the braise and we proceeded onto the rest of our meal.

Tenderloin before and after

We also made a shaved fennel and citrus salad

Potato Dauphinoise

Meanwhile we also made a stock with the leftover duck part (ahem, head and feet) and made the clementine glaze for it. I brushed on a little of the glaze right before roast the duck to give it a slightly deeper color and voila! The duck ended up tasting amazing, not much fat and crispy skinned. Although next time I think can streamline the process a lot.

We also made some sauteed broccolini done my usual way (another post). Now that was a Christmas dinner!

And let’s not forget, the eggnog tart and home made cranberry ice cream.

Man, I think I’m hungry again…

Food Porn!

Ok, so the girls usually post before I get a chance so I don’t have tons to add. But being the resident photographer I figure I should post some of the photos I have of our various cooking endeavors. This might be the start of a semi-regular feature. On to the photos!

Egg drop soup.

Fall salad with persimmons and pomegranates.

Risotto from the other night.
Mini pork tacos from Tony’s wedding.

Shredded chicken and jellyfish.

Grilled steak and chicken with three sauces.
Enjoy and stayed tuned for more.

Oyster O Oyster

Yes, it’s time for my post. The girls have called me out and it’s time to show them up.

I LOVE oysters. In fact, I was in a slight panic when I thought I wouldn’t be able to buy a bag of 50 x-small sweetwaters Saturday. But everything is all good… I came home from a crappy day at work, turned on my kitchen TV, shucked some oysters over the sink, had a cold glass of wine, got the food giggles and all is OK with the world again.

Of course, I couldn’t just do one kind of oysters right? On Saturday we went to the Marshall Store and ordered some BBQed oysters. Now normally I think a cooked oyster is a wasted oyster, but these definitly changed my mind and even Lisa loved them. So I recreate the recipe as much as I can.

BBQed Oysters

Normally BBQed oysters are cooked until they open but by then they are rubbery and a little fishy tasting. These are shucked first then topped with the sauces and finally broiled just until they are slightly cooked. A little bit more work but so worth it.

1 dozen fresh oysters shucked
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 tbl of chopped parsley
1 tbl of butter
juice of half of a lemon
1 tbl of cocktail sauce

1) combine garlic with butter and cook the mixture in the microwave until it melts and you can smell the garlic
2) mix in the lemon juice and parsley and spoon over shucked oysters
3) add a little dab of cocktail over the oysters. This is what mine looked like

4) Finally broil them for about a minute on high heat and enjoy!

I also made some deep fried oysters by dredging them in just flour, deep frying them in vegtable oil and topped it off with a remoulade sauce. Awesome…

Trio of Oysters