Rabbit o rabbit
Nature’s favorite morsel
Keep making babies.

Just because we haven’t been posting, doesn’t mean we haven’t been eating well! A couple weeks ago, I came into the city to hang out and cook with Yuan. We arrived at the store with no plan and wandered to the meat counter where I saw BUNNY! Into the shopping basket bunny went. Neither of us had ever cooked bunny but after some cookbook research, Yuan butchered the bunny, seared the pieces and we braised it with some tarragon, lemon, olives, leeks, carrots, and wine we had randomly picked out at the store. Yuan reduced the broth, made a sauce and it was delicious!

One thought on “Bunny!

  1. I have to persuade mom to be more adventuresome and get a rabbit and cook it – this weekend! (from Little Miss' Dad)

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