a classic squabbling evening, featuring a few of our favorite things about living in the bay

After meeting for lunch at the Ferry Building and deciding that the dinner portion of our evening should revolve around the Oregon black truffle we talked Yuan into buying (it wasn’t hard), the following dinner ensued. The truffle came from Far West Fungi, purveyors of all manner of fine mushrooms that spill out into the market’s main hallway and generally prove to be an irresistible temptation whenever we pass by.

Little Miss was conscripted into going to Bi-Rite on the way over, and picked up a glorious chunk of Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog, a “soft, surface ripened” goat’s milk cheese. The blue parts are thin layers of organic vegetable ash. The cheese is piquant, creamy, not too goaty, and highly photogenic.

Yuan seared some scallops simply in olive oil, butter, salt and pepper. All that was needed was a little bit of parsley and a poking stick for keeping the Princess’s skinny fingers away from those succulent mollusks.

Sweet tri-color carrots poached with an appropriately generous amount of butter.

Sauteed shiitakes and chanterelles.

And the main event, Yuan’s delicious black truffle risotto.

Remarkably, a dinner featuring risotto, rich mushrooms, and what must have been a medically-inadvisable amount of dairy fat left plenty of room for some decadent chocolate truffles and port.

After several nights spent exploring our fair city’s bountiful restaurant offerings, it was nice to remember that we make food that is equally as good as that we find out there on the town. Not to say that we haven’t eaten well this week. During what will hopefully be the first of many exploratory convenings of the Council on Gastronomical Excess, we’ve sampled some of our favorite culinary offerings, including the tea leaf salad at Burma Superstar, assorted tacos at Taqueria Cancun, soft shell crab po-boys at the San Francisco Fish Company, and everything we could get our hands on at Bistro Jeanty. But this relatively simple dinner at home was right up there with the best of our restaurant dinners. And the corkage policy at home is unusually generous.

Someday, perhaps when one of us wins the lottery or robs a bank, we will take the squabble on the road and spend some time eating our way across New York with our East Coast outpost. Until then, we’ll have to make do with what we’ve got here in the bay. Somehow I think we’ll manage.

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