Cooking David Chang: Pork buns

I admit, I didn’t want to like David Chang. He’s got an attitude and there was the whole San Francisco diss controversy. So I didn’t really pay any attention when his cook book came out last year. However, after a friend and food writer Jarrett raved about the book here I decided to take another look.

Well my mind is changed. The day I got the book, I stayed up till 4 AM reading it. The recipes are simple but filled me with thoughts like “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “That sounds amazing!” All this before I even made a single thing out of the book.

Since his signature item is the pork bun I decided to try that. Awesome! It has now become a goto recipe. I even made the buns for Chinese New Years to go along with roast duck. I like to serve the pork buns with a little cilantro instead of scallions. The recipe for the pork belly calls for roasting at 500 F and then 250 F but I often ended up with dry and brittle pork (as documented here). I ended up trying all sorts of methods and timing to get that luscious pork belly back with no luck. What ended working was a different cut of pork belly! Typical Asian market pork belly is thin and doesn’t have tons of fat so the pork drys out. I got a fatty piece and it was perfect.

So here they are in their porky glory.

BTW, bacon dashi? Freaking genius!

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