Duck Mac N’ Cheese

Today, Yuan smoked a duck and I made bacon macaroni and cheese.  Then, Yuan had the genius idea to put them together.  The result was a 900+ calorie, 70+ grams of fat, artery clogging bowl of awesomeness.

Yuan brushed Mr. Duck with a glaze concocted with salt, pepper, honey, lemon juice, chili powder and a bit of Chinese five spice powder and used a fork to poke some holes in the skin.  He built a medium fire of coals and applewood chips on one side of the weber grill, then placed Mr. Duck on the opposite side.  Then he put the lid on, with the open vent over the duck, and smoke Mr. Duck for about 3 hours.  We added more coal and chips once during the process and Yuan periodically basted the duck with juices collecting in his “cavity.”  The entire block and both of us smelled like ducky bacon and Mr. Duck turned out tender and amazingly delicious.

After a recommendation that the Tipsy Pig had the best mac ‘n’ cheese in San Francisco, I decided to try out this recipe.  I soon realized why this particular take on the beloved classic was so tasty – namely, four different kinds of cheese, bacon fat, butter, and a quart of heavy whipping cream.  I halved the sauce recipe and used slightly less pasta.  The recipe pushed for ditalini pasta, but it was the only kind at the store that was NOT on sale.  So we opted for the classic elbow macaroni instead.  This mac ‘n’ cheese was very addictive.  I had two bowls…then I put duck on top of it and ate some more.

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