Goat Brie – Day 3

And on the third day, cheese God decreed, “salt thy cheese!” So I did. First, I removed my cheese from their plastic baggie bubble in the fridge and took them out of their molds. I cut my puck in half and stacked them for a more cheese-like thickness since my original puck looked like an albino thin mint. Then I sprinkled/rubbed non-iodized salt on the surface of my cheese.

Next, I brushed on some activated charcoal ash. Apparently, the ash helps to mellow the flavor of the cheese and makes the cheese surface more hospitable to growth of molds. ew…mold.

Finally, I built a little wood skewer platform for my cheese in a small tupperware container (I threw a couple toothpicks in there), lined it with clean paper towels, put an airtight lid on top of it and put it back in the fridge for three to four weeks of ripening.

Now I have to wait and see if my cheese will mold…and resist my temptation to dispose of moldy items.

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