Li Qun Peking Roast Duck

It’s almost that time of the year again, Chinese New Years! I’m practicing my roast duck techniques and figured I should share my inspiration.

On my recent trip to Beijing, I really didn’t intend to eat Peking duck. I already had a few excellent roast ducks on my trip and figured there will be plenty of other tasty things to sample. Alas, the food gods had different ideas. The first day in Beijing my friend Mike and I were walking around in some hutongs (old alleys) when we suddenly saw this sign.

I yelled excitedly “Do you know where we are???” If you are a food nerd like me, you’ll recognize this place as feature on Anthony Bourdain‘s show or Gourmet Diary of A Foodie. So even though we had dinner plans in just 4 hours we had to go in and get a little “snack”. 

We got a duck between the two of us and added a plate of peanuts in vinegar to tie us over. After a seemingly eternal wait (but really only 25 minutes) our duck came. It was cut into even little slices with all the accoutrements.

The duck was, well, pretty much perfect. Crispy skin, juicy meat, not overwhelmingly greasy and just a hint of smokiness. Parts of the duck  fat that hung closer to the fire had puffed up a bit kinda like pork rinds.


Wrapped in a flour pancakes, with hoisin sauce, scallions and cucumbers. I really can’t think of a better afternoon snack! 

The ducks are roasted over fruit wood for a nice hint of smokiness.

Ducks being dried.

China is a fast changing place and who knows if this gem will survive the redevelopment going on all around it. But if you do go, just follow the duck graffiti…

Li Qun Roast Duck

11 Beixiangfeng, Zhengyi Lu, Chongwen District, Beijing

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