I Heart Pork Katsu!

This afternoon, I fried some pork cutlets Japanese style.

I used some pork tenderloin I had in the freezer which I pounded into cutlets. Not having a fryer has never stopped me from deep frying in my own kitchen. You can fry anything Japanese-style by liberally salt & peppering, dredging in flour, egg wash, and panko. Allowing the breaded item to sit for a bit in the fridge helps the frying process. Make sure there is enough oil and that it is hot. I test by dropping a bit of panko into the oil to make sure that it bubbles on the surface instead of floating down into the oil. Don’t use utensils to put items into hot oil because accidentally dropping your breaded morsel can result in oil splashage, burning and fire. I find that using my hands to gently slip the items into the oil works the best. Be careful not to fry the tips of your fingers!

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