Shellfish and Dumpling Birthday

To celebrate another glorious year of Little Miss, Yuan and I decided to cook up a nice birthday dinner. Little Miss, not one to turn down any dinner, immediately demanded “shellfish and dumplings!” We were happy to oblige since we also enjoy shellfish and dumplings. We decided on a menu of familiar Little Miss favorites.

Yuan bought two dozen sweetwater and one dozen kumamoto oysters for the occasion. He could not shuck them fast enough before the rest of us sucked them down with a perfectly vinegary mignonette he concocted. Those little, lusciously briny sea creatures were milky and amazing.

Little Miss likes making dumplings almost as much as she loves eating them, and our nimble fingers created a batch of the always popular pork gyoza. Yuan pan fried them and made a dipping sauce, and I made an accompaniment of shrimp fried rice, an old Little Miss favorite.

Yuan ceremoniously dispatched a pair of dungeness crabs and made this AMAZING ginger scallion crab. (See recipe above!!) There was crab flying everywhere as Little Miss and I fought to eat every tiny morsel of crab possible. I was literally licking the crabby ginger sauce off the bottom of the platter at the end of the meal. We finished the meal with a two layer French yogurt cake smothered in whipped cream frosting (hey, it didn’t look pretty but it tasted good) and a champagne toast to Little Miss. Happy Birthday Little Miss and cheers for another joyous occasion for us to celebrate with yumminess!

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