Tomato Consomme – Behind the Scenes

Hmmm, what to do with a sack full of yellow tomatoes, again from Hector’s garden, and a free Sunday…. Call Yuan! Instigate a food day! While the Princess is gardening and tending to her cheese mites in Davis, the city-dwelling squabblers relish the occasional day free of obligations and replete with local produce by hanging out in his sunny apartment, watching movies on his kitchen tv, and fiddling around with said produce. That’s where the tomatoes come in.Take a sack of almost over-ripe tomatoes. Rough chop. Add a little salt. Puree. Drain through a sieve, ideally lined with cheesecloth so that your consomme will be clearer than ours was. But ours still turned out rather lovely, don’t you think?

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at threesquabblingasians? Does the curiosity keep you up at night? Fret no more, loyal readers, for this is how it goes down:

Right around now is when Yuan looks up at me and says, “Are we ridiculous?” You be the judge.

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